5. Roger McGowan, Paul Carroll, Steve Gyles
6. Ian Wilde, Bob Lightfoot, Cliff Spink
4. Brian Fuller, Cliff Robinson
3. Dick Gingell, Roger McGowan, Paul Carroll, Steve Riley
2. Barry Lennon, Cliff Robinson
Another successful reunion.   Attendees: Jim Wild, Porky Page, Mike Streten, George Black, Bob Manning, Rod Sargeant, Pete Bedwin, Bob Turbin,
John Sims, Graham Cullington, Geoff Evans, Russ Morley, Ian Wilde, Dick Gingell, George Ellis, Steve Gyles, Taff Harries, Martin Bee, Andy Williams,
Charlie McIlroy, Graham Perry, Bill Wratten, Chris Stone, Pete Hodgson, Craig Penrice, Ken Carvosso, Dave Roome, Brian Fuller, Mike Chatterton,
Dick Heath, Dennis Brookes, Rick Peacock-Edwards, Nigel Towler, Mike Johnson, Cliff Spink, Stan Hodgkins, Richard Norris, Chris Norris,
Keith Hartley, Ian Hartley, Dennis Caldwell, Trevor McDonald-Bennett, Henry Plozsek, Steve Riley, Dave Carden, Bob Lightfoot, Trevor Beadle,
John Luke, Phil Grice, Barry Lennon, Mike Donaldson, Ben Richardson, Les Phipps, John Ward, Harry Drew, Dave Hamilton, Pete New, John Bryant,
Pete Ginger, Robbie Robertson, Terry Maddern, Tony Paxton, Roger McGowan, Rod Thomas, Al Gaunt, Paul Dandeker, Dave Bramley, John Hall,
Chris Jenkinson, Dave Hart, Cliff Robinson, Colin Baldwin, Ian Howe, Paul Field, Al Lockwood, Clive Mitchell, Ian Black, John Allison, Bob Ruskell,
Nigel Tuffs   

Ladies: Helena Paxton, Angie Sargeant, Cindy Tuffs, Liz Carter.

Please let me know if there are any errors or omissions. ED   Larger copies of the photos are available on request.
25 Photos from Steve Gyles
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20. Bob Ruskell, Bob Lightfoot, Roger McGowan
7. George Ellis, Tony Paxton, John Sims, Steve Riley,
Rod Sargeant
8. Dave Carden, Graham Foster
9. Dennis Brookes, Mike Johnson, Ian Wilde,
Stan Hodgkins
10. Mike Chatterton, Mike Streten
11. Trevor McDonald-Bennett, Dick Heath,
Chris Jenkinson
12. Rod Thomas, Robbie Robertson
13. Nigel Tuffs, Dave Carden, Paul Carroll, Roger McGowan
14. Graham Cullington, John Allison,
Andy Williams
15. Mike Donaldson, Dave Roome
16. John Hall, Charlie McIlroy
17. Rod Sargeant, Geoff Evans, Steve Gyles, Paul Dandeker
18. Colin Baldwin, Trevor McDonald-Bennett, Nigel Tuffs
19. Ian Wilde, Pete Hodgson,
22. Rod Thomas, Graham Cullington
21. Paul Field, Chris Jenkinson, Colin Baldwin
23. Helena and Tony Paxton
1. Rick Peacock-Edwards, Pete New