This year's reunion on Thursday 3 October at the Marlborough Head was another successful gathering.   In attendance were:

Porky Page, Jim Wild, Pete Hodgson, Dave Roome, John Luke, Ian  Wilde, John Baggot, Graham Cullington, George Black, Clive Mitchell, Tony Saw,
Dim Jones, Bob Lightfoot, Pete Ginger, Mike Lawrance, Roger Beazley, Geoff Brindle, Nick Buckley, Charlie McIlroy, Dick Gingell, Gareth Cunningham,  
Dennis Brookes, Paul Carroll, Mike Champion (JEng), Doug Aylward, Phil Grice, Trevor Macdonald-Bennett, John Ward, Russ Morley, Dave Carden,
Mike Johnson, Ian Hartley, Stan Hodgkins, Craig Penrice, Terry Davies, Mark Zipfell, Charlie Chan, Bob Turbin, John Sims, Ian Mcbride, Terry Butcher,
Andy Williams, Mike Chatterton, Dick Heath, Dick Cole, Steve Gyles, Jack Brown, Henry Lether, Trevor Beadle, John Rands, Graham Perry, Paddy Pyper,
Rod Sargeant, Rory Downes, Tony Paxton, Tim Neville, Henry Ploszek, Pete Bedwin, Dave Hart, John Hall, Paul Dandeker, Mike Phillips, Cliff Spink,
Graham Smith, Mike Graydon, Rod Thomas, John Allison, RPE, Ian Black, Bob Ruskell.
Ladies: Nick Buckley’s daughter, Lizzie, Marnie Sims, Janet Dandeker, Caroline Spink. There may be a couple more.

Apologies for any errors or omissions.   Please let me know of any corrections that need to be made.  
The Venue
Tony Paxton
18.        Rick Peacock-Edwards
1.   Paul Carroll, Rod Thomas, Rod Sargeant
2.   Charlie McIlroy, Stan Hodgkins
3.   Trevor McDonald Bennett, Ian McBride, Henry Lether, John Baggott
4.   Tim Neville, Mike Lawrance, Dim Jones
5.   Doug Aylward, Rod Sargeant, Gareth Cunningham
6.   Mike Johnson, Porky Page
7.   Ian Hartley, Dim Jones, John Allison
8.   Jack Brown, Mark Zipfell
11.   Dennis Brooks, Andy Williams, Dick Cole
12.   Ali McKay, RPE, Ian McBride
9.   Ian McBride, Bob Lightfoot
10.   Dave Hart, Dick Heath
13.   Tony Paxton, Dim Jones, Pete Hodgson
14.   Rod Thomas, Cliff Spink, Bob Ruskell, John Luke
15.   Jim Wild, Paul Carroll, Rod Thomas
16.   Paul Dandeker, Jim Wild, Mike Johnson, Paul Carroll
17.   Rod Thomas, Ali McKay
18.   Tim Neville, Mike Phillips,  Charlie McIlroy, John Hall
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